‘Member's Only' Ramen To Finally Open In Greenpoint

Ichiran Ramen -- which was originally scheduled to open more than two years ago and announced sign-ups for 'member's only' service in its neighborhood last year then promptly failed to serve anything besides frustration to apparently ramen-starved Greenpointers -- is showing signs of life.

The location is an off-shoot of the original in Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan and Tokyo. It has a reputation for perfection in its custom dishes, serving them at a counter where customers eat in partitioned spaces and are served through a curtain. The place makes every claim short of mystical powers for its secret red sauce. Food geeks of all stripes were obviously excited by the prospect of an an NYC location. But it wouldn't be easy. Though the two-year wait may finally be over.

The restaurant sent out a note Tuesday to the 3,000 people who have signed up for membership since last December and has even launched a Web site where yet more more people can sign on, reports Eater. And the explanation in the note only serves to enhance the weirdness:

Because we are dedicated to providing the same level of quality that we have achieved at our restaurant in Hakata, Japan, we promise never to compromise until we have found a way to achieve the same delicious taste our customers have come to expect.

Sure, there's a whiff of P.T. Barnum con to the whole thing, but what fun is just plain noodles in a bowl? Bring on the dancing bears.

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