Meet Omnivore Chef Petter Nilsson, a Swede in Paris Coming to New York

Petter Nilsson is one of the intriguing names developing buzz outside of Europe. He's the chef at La Gazzetta in Paris where he serves experimental prix-fixe dinners for a mere 40 to 50 euros, and he's coming to New York with the Omnivore food festival on June 4 to cook a dinner with San Francisco-based chef David Kinch. To preview his arrival, Feast scored this exclusive video interview taken a week ago. As the French are quite conservative with the national cuisine, it's not surprising that the interviewer doesn't think to consider the Swede's food as French (it's certainly not classic). "We try to make something unexpected," says Nilsson before having a little fun with the assumption. "Maybe it’s so French, that you being French, can’t see how French it is." We like him already.

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