It's McNuggetini Time

What if you could satisfy that late night craving for comfort food that alcohol consumption inevitably causes by combining it with the actual drinking?

And by combine, we mean literally. Like in a blender.

That was the thinking anyway behind the McNuggetini, a blend of chicken nuggets and vanilla-flavored vodka that is more like spiked baby food than a cocktail.

The creators, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, whose video of them making the cocktail (that drinks like a meal) became a hit on YouTube, were recently serving it up at a bar in the East Village under the watchful gaze of a New York Times reporter. The martini glass is rimmed with barbecue sauce and garnished with its namesake meat product ("meat garnish!" the ladies chirp in the video).

Sound disgusting?

“It’s fine once you get past the barbecue sauce," Harstark told the Times. "It tastes just like a White Russian, but with meat." She's also described the drink as "a White Russian on angeldust."

Hardstark and Ward, who both live in L.A., concocted it based on their late-night snack of choice. After their recipe was posted on the blog This is Why You're Fat, they created a snappy video on YouTube that featured them, in 50's-era dresses, demonstrating how to make the unappetizing meal-cocktail in the "Mad Men" style du jour. Like a couple of alcoholic housewives, they swill vodka straight from the bottle as they're mixing it up.

The friends, who have aspirations to host a regular cooking show, made two other videos after the success of McNuggetini. The Ham Daiquiri consists of pineapple, rum, honey and liquid smoke and the vodka-based Bloody Bacon and Cheese includes tomato soup and grilled cheese. Imagine what they could with a crown roast.

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