Matt & Kim to DJ the One Step Beyond Party

Tashena Burroughs Photography

Sorry, Muse: Matt & Kim got to space first.

The boisterous Brooklyn pop-rock duo are set to headline the American Museum of Natural History’s One Step Beyond dance party on January 14, held in the facility’s opulent Rose Center for Earth and Space. The pair’s DJ set closes out the evening’s cheeky turntablist roster of Rhode Island multi-instrumentalist AraabMuzik (of Dipset’s “Salute” fame) and club kid Nacey, host of the D.C.’s bacchanalian Nouveau Riche party.

Matt & Kim will spin in support of third album Sidewalks, released in November; expect some saccharine vibes to match. Their night marks the 2011 opening of the monthly party, which has been a popular Upper West Side attraction since 2007 and welcomed prominent acts Kode9, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Yeasayer into its interstellar ranks.

However, astro-apologists should take note: the Rose Center is stomping grounds of astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the man who proved recently and irrefutably that Pluto is not a planet. In fact, it's a member of the Kuiper Belt, a vast collection of small bodies and frozen volatiles that travels on a different trajectory than the planets of our solar system, which I would be glad to discuss at length right now because that’s why you come to Nonstop Sound, for the frozen volatiles.

So if you’re still quelling your rage over this (or sending him hate mail, as is apparently common), well, be prepared to read the facts and dance it out.

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