Mastodon and Opeth Team for Tour

After suspecting that too many Americans still have their faces firmly attached to the rest of their bodies, metal giants Mastodon and Opeth have teamed for a tour to basically rip the face off of everyone in the country.

Ghost will open, and will perhaps be the most terrifying thing on the bill. The tour will drop by Roseland Ballroom on April 11; you can pick up tickets here tomorrow at 10 a.m. 

Both acts will be touring behind super heavy albums that couldn't remotely be called "straight ahead" with a straight face, but are a touch more user friendly for people who like to bang their head but can't keep from giggling at song titles like "Serenity Painted Death."

Mastodon's newest album The Hunter sees them backing away from the epic song-lengths, byzantine story structures and showy complexity of their 2009 concept album Crack the Skye in favor of more compact jams that place riffs and groove first and foremost.

For their efforts, the Atlanta group was rewarded with their biggest radio hit yet in the form of "Curl of the Burl."

For their part, Sweden's Opeth have backed away from tiresome death metal caterwauling on their most recent albums, 2008's Watershed and last year's Heritage, instead favoring melodic singing.

This has gotten the band branded as traitors in some circles, which is often a good thing when it comes to extreme metal. 

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