Mast Brothers Chocolate Opens

The bearded chocolate crafters debut their Williamsburg shop today - finally!

We like chocolate. We like pretty wrapping paper. And we like bearded artisan types. So it stands to reason that we'd be cuckoo for Mast Brothers Chocolate, handmade (and hand-wrapped in said paper) in Brooklyn by Rick and Michael Mast. We first read about them (and glimpsed their impressive mountain-man beards) in Edible Brooklyn what seems like years ago, and up 'til now, we've only been able to get our hands on their goods at select gourmet fineries like Marlow & Sons or Stinky Brooklyn, but now there's an industrial-chic HQ for the delectable treats in Williamsburg.

This is no vanity project -- these dudes literally start from cacao beans, and pride themselves on being the only "bean to bar" chocolate makers in New York. Also, they spike their silky bars with fleur de sel. So go get some chocolate. And be sure to inquire about their wrapping parties, so you can get your hands directly on that paper. 105 North 3rd St between Berry St and Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, 718-388-2625.

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