Gosselaar Glues on His Zack Morris Wig for Jimmy Fallon

On last night's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Mark-Paul Gosselaar — who is an actor on a popular-ish TV series entering a second season, and therefore should not really have to do things like this! — sat for an interview in character as Saved by the Bell's Zack Morris, his embarrassing breakout role from 20 years ago. Yes, he brought the enormous prop cell phone. Thankfully, Fallon let him show a clip from his current project, TNT's Raising the Bar (actually not the worst show), but he was mostly there to bang the drums for Late Night's SBTB reunion. (They claim Screech and Tiffani Thiessen are final holdouts, but since Screech owes a bunch of back taxes and, last year, Thiessen acted in something called Cyborg Soldier, we're pretty sure they're both game.)

To his credit, Gosselaar is clearly the world's greatest sport, and he looks uncannily like he did on the original show, if you ignore the glue that's obviously holding his hair on. But honestly, Jimmy Fallon, was this really necessary?

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