Maria Sharapova Hits Manhattan for Tiffany, Cole Haan

The tennis powerhouse with a face for fashion has forged a tightly managed slew of collaborations, and is currently taking the city by storm to celebrate her Frank Gehry for Tiffany's earrings and her line of accessories for Nike-owned (Maria's sponsor) Cole Haan

Sharapova shone in leopard and shooties to complement her signature earrings, designed by the luminary architect for Tiffany's and called Stria because of their lightning-bolt shape.  Sharapova has created for herself a carefully managed image with exclusively high-end collaborations, transcending the tennis bracelet tradition with the sophisticated and modern Gehry collection, and parlaying her Nike sponsorship from whites and skirts to a design stint at their luxury leather brand, Cole Haan.  In fact, Sharapova will follow up the Stria launch with a personal appearance at Cole Haan for Fashion's Night Out.   

Regardless of how she plays at the U.S. Open (whose fashion is worth looking forward to!), she's doing a good job gracing the city, and design world, with her presence. 

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