Marcus Schrenker the Worst Criminal Mastermind Ever

Last week, Indiana-based financier Marcus Schrenker tried to fake his own death after bilking a group of investors out of their savings. On the face of it, his plan was not un-clever: He would radio in a distress call from the Piper plane he flew recreationally, and claim his windshield had shattered and that he was bleeding profusely. He would then parachute out, allowing the plane to crash, and run away to a campsite in Alabama or Florida. But he ended up making a lot of mistakes, including e-mailing a friend after the supposedly fatal crash occurred. We didn't think it could get much worse than that, but we were so wrong. As it turns out, there were several more flies in Schrenker's ointment. Reuters reports:

The Piper crashed in a swampy wooded area north of Milton, Florida. When rescuers reached the scene, they found evidence including a book of campsites in America missing its pages on Alabama and Florida, and a bullet-point list scribbled on the back of a book that read: "cracked windshield, window imploded, bleeding profusely," a court affidavit said.

Amazing. We can't wait until they break into his room and find the maps of Venezuela, the Spanish phrase books, and the address of the Caracas Marriott.

Pilot Accused of Trying to Fake Death Is Jailed [Reuters]

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