Manhattan's New Costco Carries Chanel!

Much to the delight of New Yorkers, Costco landed in Harlem and much to the stunned delight of these here New Yorkers, they've got Chanel.  Yes, Chanel.

We should begin by saying that we're relatively easy to please.  Buckets of Twizzlers large enough to double as seating were enough to make us twirl right up to Harlem, but then we heard the big-box warehouse store was shilling authentic Chanel Classic Flap Handbags for $1,999, as well as a selection of Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Coach.  Folks on the ground reported that LV's Speedy bags had sold out because, well, their normal retail prices in three sizes ranges from $665-$3,000 were knocked down at Costco to a mere $589.

Costco carries a $50 membership fee.  We're thinking we should hurry, because this seems too good to be true (at least for very long). 

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