Boy Bleeds to Death After Being Shot at Home

Victim's father lashes out at teen's friends

A Brooklyn man is spending this holiday mourning his son who died from a gunshot wound he suffered at home while entertaining some friends.

Tyrone Pierre, 17, died Wednesday after being shot in the leg. He and some friends were in the basement of the home he shared with his grandfather in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn Tuesday night.

Pierre's father told WNBC of the sad circumstances that led to his son's death.

"He was shot here," Ron McLeod said. "He was supposedly going to Brookdale Hospital. They dropped him off two blocks away. And they took his car, and you know, my son is dead."

A short time later, at about 2:15 a.m. Wednesday, a passerby heard the boy's calls for help, and Pierre was found in his pajamas. The gunshot had severed an artery, so when he arrived at the hospital, he'd already lost so much blood that doctors couldn't save him.

Police are questioning at least one of the boy's friends.

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