Makeover Madness! Susan Boyle in Harper's Bazaar

The glossy product of Susan Boyle's photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar is finally out for everyone to see -- and we'll admit, she looks good! (Though we notice she does seem to be literally holding her face together in a lot of the photos.)

In what Bazaar is calling Boyle's "first major magazine interview" (though, in reality, "first fashion shoot" might have been more apt), the editors of the prominent glossy dress the Britain's Got Talent star in everything from Michael Kors to Donna Karan, and we must say do a spectacular job on her hair and makeup. They were even genius enough to film a video of her transformation!

Apparently the singer was a superb subject -- though we can't say we're surprised to hear that basic skills like niceness and professionalism are rare commodities on a fashion shoot. She didn't mind any of the photographing, video taping, pushing or prodding, and even did a nice moonwalk for the crew in her heels.

"I do wear heels," Boyle admitted. "Sometimes I do."

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