Madonna Tries Her First Slice of New York Pizza


Madonna did a good job on Letterman last night, getting carried in by the New York Rangers and being a good sport about Dave's ribbing over her love affair with Alex Rodriguez. She made headlines for admitting she'd once smoked a joint before going on the show in a previous appearance, and for saying that she'd "rather get run over by a train" than get married again.

But our favorite part of the appearance was when Dave took her outside, past hordes of screaming fans, to the pizza place next door. Madonna, he'd heard, had never had a slice of genuine New York–style pie.

"I'm not a cheese person," she protested, which we think is no excuse. The woman trolled the streets of the East Village for years before she holed up in her mansion on the Upper West Side, both places it's basically impossible to not to be seduced by the scent of a delicious pizza. Maybe she truly is superhuman?

That's what we were thinking until, when they served her a cheeseless olive slice in front of the cameras, she also had a martini. That's the thing about Madonna — just when you think she's a complete alien, there's always some little human thing that leaves you room to like her. A bit.

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