Louis Vuitton for Skate Rats

Maybe you've been walking down a West Village street and almost been run over by a dad and son tandem on matching Marc Jacobs skateboards. And you thought to yourself, "Self, it can't get any more ridiculous than that." Well, you were wrong.

Meet the Louis Vuitton limited-edition Stephen Spouse skateboard and matching case. A set of two (there were only three made, so act soon) would put dad back $16,500. Chances are he and son wouldn't be scooting down Perry Street anytime soon on them, anyway. Sort of makes Supreme's Marilyn Minter decks seem like costume jewelry.

LV is transforming it's SoHo store into Sprouse central. No joke: They are wrapping the boutique in black vinyl and covering it with neon spray paint. Tonight three events will celebrate the late Sprouse. First, tipple cocktails at the Vuitton boutique on Green Street, then head over to Deitch Projects for the opening of the Sprouse retrospective "Rock on Mars," and finally drift into the Bowery Ballroom, where Vuitton and Marc Jacobs (who first commissioned Sprouse apparel when he was LV's artistic director) will host a party featuring Sprouse buddy Debbie Harry. How downtown.

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