Lohan’s Fashion Debut Elicits Jeers from Critics

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Lindsay Lohan's big debut as artistic advisor at Ungaro didn't go as smoothly as she might have hoped -- but that's what one might expect when a collection features glittering, heart-shaped pasties.

WWD went to so far as to call Ungaro's Spring/Summer 2010 collection "quite simply, an embarassment," and called the clothes "cheesy and dated" -- though they were quick to acknowledge that said adjectives have been attached to the struggling brand's designs for some time now. Apparently Ungaro's lead designer, Estrella Archs, even confided backstage that the collection "had to be designed very quickly." In a word: Oof.

It got worse over at The New York Times, where Fabien Baron remarked after the show, "Call the fashion police!" and Glamour's editor-in-chief possibly had the best comment of the night as she avoided an interview on the topic saying, "You know, if you don't mind, I have to run out the door.

While it's true that Lohan's collaboration with Ungaro was met with jeers even from the start, oddly we never thought the collection would be quite this ridiculous. The tight, one-shoulder minidresses smacked of Lohan's short-skirted red carpet style (not always in good taste, but hey, at least it's simple), and a lot of the other elements in the collection -- splattered white skinny pants, ill-fitting blazers, and draped skirts -- just looked, frankly, poorly designed. But the ultimate disappointment had to be the periodic flash of those pasties covering up the nakedness of several models -- we're not sure we would have been able to stifle a snicker if we'd been there.

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