Local Students Excited About Future of Hope

Brooklyn children look forward with optimism

Students nowhere near voting age still were able to understand the significance of Tuesday's historic inauguration.

And the moment President Barack Obama appeared on screen, students at PS 323 in Brooklyn's Brownsville section jumped out of their chairs.

Sherwin Renaud, who's in 8th grade, said he'll never forget seeing Obama take the oath of office.

"It gives me hope and more opportunities in the future," 8th-grade student Sherwin Renaud said. "I can be president of the United States one day."

Added 5th-grader Barakel Durant: "We can have a free world ... We can have no more war."

A majority of the students at PS323 are black. They've learned about the struggle for civil rights, and the leaders who came before President Obama. But now, all they have to do is look up at a television to know they live in a different time in a much different country.

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