Download the Free Wugazi Album


For music lovers, classic albums have a transcendent quality. They are portals to past times and places where the albums were able to stamp their memories for future sessions of waxing nostalgic.

For me, Wu Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers and Fugazi's 13 Songs are two of these classic albums that will forever be attached to memories of my musical evolution during my adolescent years spent in Central Pennsylvania. They are a link to an escapism faze that had me daydreaming of hip-hop shows in New York clubs and gritty DIY punk shows in Washington, D.C. basements.

Now producers Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy have taken the work of those two influential groups and mashed them into a single art form called Wugazi.

The Wugazi album titled 13 Chambers features -- you guessed it -- 13 tracks that mine the entire catalogs of each band including the solo works and side projects of Wu Tang for samples and vocals to interweave on this stunning mash-up.

You can stream the entire 13 Chambers at the Wugazi website where you will also find a link to download the album. Jump right in and take the ride because it is kind of amazing what hearing ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” mixed with Fugazi’s “Forensic Scene” will do for your memory recall. 

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