Listen: EXITMUSIC, “Hours (The Antlers/Darby Cicci Remix)”

EXITMUSIC are Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church, a husband-and-wife duo who make eerie, heavily reverbed dream-pop with a vaguely tragic affect reminiscent of Beach House.

The New York City-via-Winnipeg pair will release their first EP, From Silence, through Secretly Canadian (never before has the label's name been such an apt description) on Oct. 4.

One of the forthcoming EP's track caught the attention of the Antlers' Darby Cicci; his mix of "Hours" is a noisy, uncertain wash of electronics, cut through by Palladino's mournful vocal.

The finished product wouldn't have been at all out of place amidst the more ambient tracks of the Antlers' fantastic Burst Apart.

"Hours (The Antlers/Darby Cicci Remix)" is available for stream or download below.

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