LiLo May Owe Store Serious Dollars for Designer Duds

Getty Images / Church Boutique

Lindsay Lohan is really good at shopping, but one Los Angeles store is claiming that she's not that great at paying for things.

West Hollywood boutique Church filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday seeking payment of $16,880.83, WWD reports. Apparently the actress used the line, "Bill my business manager," one too many times.

The store claims that they sent an invoice for the $17,060.83 bill, but only received a payment of $180, just over 10 percent of the total bill. Lohan’s must-have purchases included two pairs of Ron Donovan exotic-skin shoes, which retail between $800 and $2,000, and a $750 embellished vintage rock T-shirt by Mortimer.

Church, owned by Maxfield alums David Malvaney and Rodney Burns, just opened this past September. Welcome to the neighborhood guys.

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