Like the Boots in That Gap Ad? They're From Barneys

Like anyone constantly on the hunt for a new pair of boots, we were immediately taken by the rugged lace-ups the dancers wear in that new Gap holiday ad. Unfortunately, not only are they not from the Gap, they're actually $400.

The high-heel hiking-meets-construction boots (with the sassy red laces) worn by the models in that infamous cheering holiday commercial have become the subject of much speculation -- were they perhaps part of that Pierre Hardy collection we'd heard so much about? -- and Booth Moore from the LA Times finally got someone from Gap to reveal the truth: They're Barneys Co-Op private label and they're available for $395, though in tan only.

Apparently the Gap rep even went so far as to tell Moore the brand wishes the boots were theirs. Well, so do we. Like, seriously -- Gap couldn't find any of their own shoes to wear in their own commercial? They didn't think people might watch the spot and want to, we don't know, buy some of the clothing featured in it? Frankly, with that kind of logic, we'd advise the brand to just start outfitting the models in their print advertisements in Alexander Wang dresses and Christian Louboutin heels -- we bet they'd get some serious foot traffic in the stores.

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