Lever House to Shutter for At Least a Few Months

Sleek lunch spot has seemed troubled for some time....

Midtown East: The Dash Feedbag brings word this afternoon that Lever House, John McDonald and Josh Picard's sleek Midtown business lunch spot, will be closing "for renovations" this Friday. One of the few restaurants to offer specials on Saturday during Restaurant Week, and the first to extend its deals until the Dow hits 10,000, the place has seemed troubled for awhile now. Says the Cizutty:

"Whether the place will simply close, or return in a different form, isn’t clear right now. A Lever rep tells us that it’s the latter...'Given the current circumstances and market conditions it’s time make definitive changes.'"

McDonald tells us that there are a lot of variables they are considering right now but that we shouldn't expect a reopening for at least a few months.

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