LES Goes All Wee Britain

Current cross-pond healthcare squabbles aside, the UK and the US find harmony with the British invasion pop-up shop at 186 Orchard, August 20-September 13.  The collabo between the Lower East Side Business Improvement District and the Newburgh Quarter in Carnaby will give us Beyond the Valley, Hurwundeki, Van Den Berg, Twenty8Twelve, Cowshed and other Gallic brands, and we'll return the favor with Lower East Side classics like Earnest Sewn, Still Life, Kaight and In God We Trust.  Food (this Saturday on Broome between Ludlow and Essex) and Fashion shows (August 29) will also ensue, so we assume there'll be an international smorgasboard of Fish 'n Chips and Peirogis for everyone to (probably not) nosh on in the front row. 

The Cut's got a brilliant preview here.

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