Leighton Meester Nearly Mentions Us on ‘The View'!

When we heard that our favorite star of The Greatest Show of Our Time would be on The View, we were excited. When we were told she would be talking about gossip blogs, we nearly died. How could she not talk about us, her No. 1 fans and the people who even once went on a hot date with her!?

Well, pretty easily, it turns out. Leighton was asked about "all the people who blog" about her, and she blithely replied, "It's the nature of the show. They're going to want to blog about it and talk about it." She was clearly avoiding name-dropping us on purpose — she's waiting to go public with our relationship. Pressing her on this front, Joy asked her whether she felt awkward posing scantily clad for the cover image for our Gossip Girl feature. Leighton revealed that it was only uncomfortable because they were all hung-over after going to a show by Ed Westwick's band. OMG! We're always hung-over when we write our Gossip Girl recaps! We knew we could find a synergy in this, somewhere. Hi Leighton! Hiiiiiiii!

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