LEGO Store Opens in Manhattan

Calling all children and adults who still act like them. LEGOLAND has arrived in Manhattan. Well, a store at least, and in typical New York fashion, there’s a multi-day party to celebrate.

The public opening of the city’s very first LEGO store located in Rockefeller Center drew scores of New Yorkers who came out this morning to help the so-called LEGO ‘Master Builders’ construct the world’s biggest ‘Big Apple’ model made entirely out of LEGO bricks.
In the building area that surrounds the ice rink, New Yorkers will lend a hand putting together large LEGO bricks that LEGO Master Model Builder, Dan Steininger, says are four times the size of the typical 2x4 bricks. Steininger, along with other official model builders, will then inspect all of these bricks to make sure they are “up to quality”, and will then construct the giant apple expected to reach 16-feet tall and 12-feet wide. The entire event will last three days ending at 3pm on Thursday when the last brick is placed on the big apple.
Inside the store, the vibrant LEGO haven has intricate models of iconic New York City landmarks on display, as well as the largest  ‘Pick-a-Brick’ LEGO wall of any LEGO stores, with buckets of over 100 different bricks in nearly every color imaginable (including hard-to-find pinks) lining the main wall.

The new LEGO store is located on 5th Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets and the three-day Big Apple building celebration, open free to the public, lasts until this Thursday, July 1st at 3pm.

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