Fans say “Leave Britney Alone”; Get Free Tickets

In the shameless ploys department, points to the stageFarm, an off-Broadway theatre company, for putting out the call on the wires that they're offering free tickets a show lampooning Britney to fans of the former Mousketeer. The offer was made in response to angry Britney Spears fans who took exception to the pop princess being made sport of in "America's Got Tragedy" by Gina Gionfriddo, one of five short plays commissioned by the company for its Spin program. Spin, which also features works by Adam Rapp, Judith Thompson, Elizabeth Meriwether and Mark Schultz plays through November 8 at Cherry Lane Theatre.

In "America's Got Tragedy," Spears, portrayed by Dreama Walker (Gossip Girl), competes on an imaginary reality TV show against an American soldier who was killed in the Iraq war to show who has led the more tragic life. Spears fans have not been pleased. No doubt, families of dead American soldiers are also unhappy.

Ms. Gionfriddo says she's no Britney basher, though. In fact, she says quite the opposite:

"I'm a huge Britney fan. I wrote the play to comment on the dwindling news coverage of the war and the way in which—I think—Britney was demonized and exploited by a media that should have paid more attention to the troops. I would love to have a dialogue with fellow fans about my play. Their response is interesting to me because my play has won so many Britney converts during the run.  My hope is that it functions as a humanizing corrective to Britney-bashing rather than a jump on the ugly bandwagon.”

And so it is that the stageFarm now invites you, the Britney faithful, to defend your fallen idol at the November 5 performance, where the playwright will host a post-performance talk-back session. Anyone who'd like to align themselves with Team Britney can email Carrie Shaltz at

The possibility of an army of Spears fans hurling epithets at Dreama Walker and the playwright does not sound pretty. But then again, anything having to do with an army of Spears fans does not sound pretty.

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