Le Bain Recruits Top D.J.s

Le Bain continues to reintroduce chichi club crowds and D.J.s who work outside the confines of an iTunes playlist this month.

Nouveau York programmers Jerome Viger-Kohler and Neil Aline proceed with that Sunday night dance party. Alex from Tokyo merrily segues between electronic genres when he leads the charge this week at a Fashion Week special. On the 20th, dance-punk progenitors The Rapture demonstrate their more recent forays into acid house and nü-disco when they headline a Throne of Blood label showcase alongside Bicep, Populette and Ulysses.

Just as intriguing as those lineups is the fact that Nouveau York's commitment to bringing left-field, if not vaguely underground, dance music to a chichi spot like Le Bain is extending to the big leagues on Friday and Saturday nights. On February 26th, the young Nicolas Jaar takes a break from his undergrad studies at Brown to dish out a live set of his patented slow house ($20 tickets here). That follows a Friday the 18th D.J. appearance by Alexis Taylor, who's used to playing much larger venues as member of English electropop sensations Hot Chip.

Le Bain's not the only upscale spot to recently embrace what can haughtily be described as serious D.J.s. After a startlingly brief pit stop at District 36, BlkMarket Membership has (by police force) moved its operations from after hours-friendly Bushwick warehouses to midtown's Good Units, where Jaar's Wolf + Lamb label will have its own showcase on the 25th. And the promoters at Verboten give some friendly competition to Nouveau York with their ongoing Sunday techno/house affairs at The Hotel on Rivington.

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