Launches & Releases: FW, For Washington D.C.'s Fashionable

Washington, D.C. just got its own fashion rag, FW. The editor of the magazine tries to explain it: "When people think of fashion, they think of Coco Chanel in Paris, Donna Karan in New York or red carpet-walking celebs in L.A. But Washington also deserves recognition as a style capital." Really, Washington D.C.—a style capital? Really? Of course, the inaugural issue (warning: .PDF) includes a piece on the candidates' (and their wives') personal style. Both of the McCains get gentle slams: John McCain for his three-piece suits, which are deemed by a personal stylist to be 'a little Colonel Sanders;' Cindy for her sometimes too-youthful style (a Connecticut costume expert says 'She needs to stop shopping in the junior's department'). The Obamas get nothing but praise for their looks, with Stacy London of TLC's What Not to Wear saying Barack's suits look 'tailored well' and Michelle's choice of clothing is "fresh" because she's 'taking chances.' FW didn't reach out to Tim Gunn, probably because we all already know his stance on the matter.
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