Launch My Line: Where Animals Inspire Fur-Lined Bubble Shorts

The third episode of "Launch My Line" challenged the experts to create a one-piece garment (that wasn't a dress!) inspired by an animal and in a shortened time-frame. As anyone could have guessed, some terrifying jumpsuits followed, and music producer Kevin was out.

To be fair, we were pretty impressed by some of the pieces that the experts and their designers turned out -- especially Kathy's wearable black jumpsuit with a cool, tribal-looking zebra belt. Also on top was Marilyn's one-armed gray jumpsuit that looked incredibly flattering, especially topped with a cool flower-petal headpiece.

The bottom three were Patrick's barely-there silk one-piece (complete with hideous fur boa), Vanessa's avante-garde black fur-lined bloomer shorts, and Kevin's un-flattering silk jumper. Frankly, we felt Kevin's was the least offensive of the trio, but apparently the judges disagreed, saying they just didn't have a feel for the cohesiveness of his line thus far -- and he was out.

When we spoke with Kevin (who's currently in Vegas working with his company, U Can Fly Holdings), he was still surprised by the loss. "I thought I'd made it and I still do. It was me, Vanessa, and Patrick on the runway ... I think Patrick got off with a Christmas gift, and Vanessa got a free pass to first base."

For viewers like us, losing Kevin is a serious bummer because his vivacious personality and often bizarre utterings was a real joy to watch. Apparently, he even made up nicknames for his fellow contestants during the show. For example, Patrick is "Number 10," because he can wear 10 different colors and "still look hot." Vanessa's "Lady Gaga," because she's got her own style.

As for the big clash with Kathy in the first episode? "I clashed with Kathy -- I was like the 'Hood Ranger,' not the Lone Ranger," he said, upset that everyone thought she'd snatched her fabric. "If you look closely, we didn't have the same material. She had big dots, and I had little dots!"

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