Launch My Line: Gaga Disappoints and Marilyn Claims to Have Two Lines in the Works

Both Lady Gaga's appearance and the top two looks on last night's Launch My Line were pretty lackluster. On the other hand, cast-off Marilyn claims to have two lines in the works. Something seems wrong here.

This week's challenge seemed perfectly suited to Gaga: create a "wild piece" that's entirely symbolic of each designer's aesthetic, but the pop star's appearance was surprisingly tame. She "mingled" with the contestants, and delivered what appeared to be a perfectly-rehearsed line about how she approaches fashion: "I think about a shape. If you as a designer, your aesthetic, were to walk through a wooden door, what shape would it make?"

Now, that's an interesting quote, but that was about the extent of her time on the show. She was then tasked with picking out a fabric that every contestant would have to use, and that fabric was (of course) bright red patent leather. (Ugh.)

Of course, the most interesting characters to watch are still Patrick, who decides to go all-out on the outfit in a way that he describes as being "like the Titanic," and Marilyn, who talks in circles and gets into a big ol' fight with her too-good-to-work expert, Coco. (Our favorite Coco quote of the episode has to be: "I'm gonna have a cigarette while you think about that.").  

Alas, our two favorites end up at the bottom -- Patrick for his cascading-tulle-and-peacock-feathers mess, and Marilyn for her "obvious" simple white gown. The winner, on the other hand, is Eric, who creates a trampy-looking silver minidress. Sigh.

Marilyn ended up getting cut, but when we spoke to her today, she actually seemed to be in high spirits, probably because she said she's got two fashion lines in the works -- Lily R (which stands for Lily Remarkable!) and Stonewater, a line of white blouses. She's also, apparently, been offered her own TV show! She definitely felt that it was her expert, Coco, who was mostly at fault for the duo's losing look, though, as Marilyn put it, "I wasn't going to throw my expert under the bus."

Her business, is booming, which she -- in classic Marilyn fashion -- described as "to my knowledge, the only full-service interactive communications strategic marketing high definition streaming advertising firm." You go, girl.

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