Last-Minute Plan: Porcelain Raft at Mercury Lounge

Closing in at 40 years of age, with his noticeable salt-and-pepper hair and ever-present five o’clock shadow, Mauro Remiddi cuts a different figure than the average fresh-faced breakthrough artist.

For the better part of twenty years this Rome-born, London-based songwriter had spent his days working odd jobs and contributing to various bands with little return for his efforts. That all changed when Remiddi began releasing songs that he had long kept to himself, believing them at the time to be too rough in quality or experimental.

These seemingly imperfect tunes soon found an audience after they were posted online, and the prolific musician has been performing under the name Porcelain Raft ever since. Utilizing an array of white noise through loop stations, distortion, and samplers against a wispy vocal delivery and sweet, dripping melodies, Porcelain Raft has already self-released a number of EPs and singles.

Recently signing with Secretly Canadian his first proper collection of tunes, the Gone Blind EP, saw release earlier this year, and has his full-length debut slated to drop sometime later this year.  Porcelain Raft is scheduled to perform at the Mercury Lounge tonight starting at 8 p.m.

Check out the standout track “Tip of Your Tongue” below.
Porcelain Raft - 01 - Tip Of Your Tongue by Acéphale

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