Last Minute Plan: Converge, Touche Amore, Krallice at House of Vans

The House of Vans on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint border has been offering up great, free shows all summer long. Tonight, the gratis festivities close the season with the most aggressive lineup so far this year - and it's free, as long as you RSVP.

Boston's innovators of metal-core Converge have been together for two decades now, always at the forefront of heavy music. They've always managed to craft mind-numbing, blistering beats, a unique aesthetic and one of the most incendiary live shows out there. I can never help but lose it when Converge takes the stage.

Touche Amore has more heart than 90 percent of the bands out there these days.The band also wrote one of my favorite lyrics of the last couple years: "I'm losing sleep/I'm losing friends/got a love-hate love with the city I'm in." This will go off.

We're not sure about the third guest entirely, despite contacting the rep over at Vans House. It originally was billed to be the post-punk dark-synth of Wes Eisold's Cold Cave, but that seems to have flown the coup.

At one point, All Pigs Must Die, the new project of Hope Conspiracy frontman Kevin Baker and Converge drummer Ben Koeller, was billed, but that's also been scratched.

All signs are pointing to New York's black-metal champions Krallice filling out the bill. The band's been on a roll since the release of its newest album, Diotoma.

Legendary guitarist Mick Barr released a shredding new solo jam yesterday as well.

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