Lady Gaga Tops Halloween Costumes This Year

Butchers, rejoice: Your stock is up this Halloween.

Yahoo! reports that Lady Gaga’s meat dress is the most searched-for celebrity costume this year, reports the New York Daily News. The original infamous skirt steak, donned by the pop star at this year’s MTV VMA Awards, was made by designer Franc Fernandez; the News suggests that hiring a skilled and eye-rolling local butchers for a recreation would cost around $1,000.

In general, Gaga’s big business this Halloween; Rubie's Costume Co., a Jamaica Hill-based international company, currently shills an 12-item capsule collection of Gaga outfits online. “As a personality, Lady Gaga is the single most popular costume we've sold for adults in our 59 years in business," executive vice president Howard Beige tells USA Today.

Even non-retailers are lobbying for a piece of the Gaga doppleganger frenzy; Billboard is throwing a Halloween Pop Star Costume Contest, with photos clearly anticipating masses of her acolytes, and music blog Idolator recently posted a "Lady Gaga Costume How-To Guide" that heavily favors nudity and intoxication (as should all how-to guides).

We applaud these efforts, and wish all Gaga-lites well, but the sheer effort of all this pageantry is exhausting us already, and lending us some respect to Gaga for hiking up her ridiculous garter straps every day. That’s why Nonstop Sound is gonna keep it real this year with a 40 and a few rolls of Bacon Bandages affixed over a tank top.  Spooky!

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