Lady Gaga Goes to Givenchy

Rumors surrounding Lady Gaga's Fashion Week whereabouts have been mounting, and a "reliable source" has now confirmed her performance at Givenchy's after-party at the Box

It seems only natural that Miss Flamboyance-on-a-Stick would become Fashion Week's most popular girl in school, and everyone seems to be clamoring to have her at their party.  Marc Jacobs is still mum on her attendance at his party, but it's apparently a go for Givenchy.  Gaga will go to the world's most-slash-only appropriate venue for her charms, the Box, and perform an acoustic piano set of her hits.  The party is being hosted by Out Magazine, whose cover she graces next month. 

Just a hunch, but with all the gaga over Gaga, sounds like Givenchy will be the place to be. 

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