Kyotofu Scoffs at ‘Cupmudgeonism,' Unveils New Cupcake Arsenal

A cupcake so good it doesn't need frosting.
Photo: Courtesy of Kyotofu

Kyotofu will unveil new baked goods in-store and online for its second anniversary in October. The Japanese kin to brownies, mini-miso chokos ("gooey little mounds of rich, chocolatey goodness") will now come in spicy Mexican chocolate and coffee iterations, and pastry chef Ritsuko Yamaguchi has added macarons (black sesame with red-bean-white-chocolate filling), candy (tofu marshmallows, miso toffee with pumpkin seeds), and truffles to her repertoire. Specialty cupcakes combat the city's spreading cupmudgeonism: Along with the chocolate soufflé version (Best of New York in 2007), expect flavors like yuzu-vanilla and coconut-shiso. The dancers who boycotted Magnolia will need some new moves to interpret these complex cupcakes.

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