Know Right Now: Baron Wells

We love it when gals can rock menswear and still manage to look feminine. And right now we've got the super hots for Baron Wells, a new NYC-based label for men that welcomes ladies to get in on the goods too.  

Dominick Volini and Mads Madsen created Baron Wells in January 2010 under a philosophy of simplicity and style that's achieved through strict attention to detail, tailoring and quality. And they mean it: we're talking about organic cotton T-shirts hand-screened in Florida, shirt pockets crafted to fit an iPhone, not to mention cufflinks constructed from compressed, recycled paper and Italian briar root, hand-lathed in Brooklyn and hand-tied by professional fly fishermen in Boise, Idaho. 

The line's shirts and shorts are stocked in sizes starting at XXS, making for inclusive, unisex pieces that don't sacrifice an ounce of their masculine charm, nor do they require stealing from loved ones. "Women make up about 25 percent of our business for the shirts and board shirts; it's menswear that's well tailored, which can be easily worn by both men and women," explains Volini. The brand's sharply designed website showcases a series of looks starring female models who instantly transform the aesthetic to an acceptably feminine, utterly fashionable one. "I think the division of men's and women's [clothing] is becoming blurred and neither side is as uptight about it as they once were."

Baron Wells stocks its smaller sizes out east at Southampton's new Tenet Shop and Tauk in Montauk. Wares can also be found at Saturdays, Epaulete, Smith & Butler, Steven Alan and the Ace Hotel in New York. 

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