Killing Is Saoirse Ronan's Business, and Business Is Good

In her young career, actress Saoirse Ronan has already broken up a romance and been killed by a small-town fiend. So what's next? Murdering her way across Europe.

Ronan has been cast in the title role of "Hanna," directed by Joe Wright for Focus Features, with whom she worked on her breakout film, "Atonement."

It's the story of a 14-year-old girl raised by her father to be an assassin, but later taken in by a French family which tries to help her assimilate to life in a world where it's inappropriate for children to kill. But things go "Bourne"-shaped when she reconnects with the world she left behind and learns the truth about herself.

Imagine if Leon, rather than killing himself, had taken the time to properly train Mathilda in the dark arts of killing in the sequel to "The Professional" - you'd watch that, right?

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