Kidney Wife Says Husband is the One Who Cheated

Drama takes new turn

The unusual divorce case involving a doctor, his wife and a kidney has taken another turn.

Dr. Richard Batista claims his wife's infidelity is why he's demanding back the kidney that he donated to her during the happier times of their marriage.

But Dawnell Batista said in Sunday's New York Daily News that her husband was the one who was unfaithful.

She said she got a call from a friend four years ago who spied the doctor at a restaurant with another woman, according to the Daily News.

Shortly later, two friends arrived at the Batistas' home, one to watch their three kids, the other to drive Dawnell to the home of the other woman.

Dawnell Batista told the Daily News she rang the doorbell and her husband was standing behind the other woman she she opened the door. She also told the paper that she's never been unfaithful.

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