Kent Swig Allegedly Pummeled By Partner With Ice Bucket

Controversy just can't keep its hands off Kent Swig, uber-rich developer and co-chairman of the company that owns brokerage firms Brown Harris Stevens and Halstead. Protests at his massive condo conversion on 57th Street got so vehement, he had to hire a marching band to drown them out. The city didn't allow him to build rooftop condo additions on a pair of rental buildings on the Upper West Side. His condo conversion down in the Financial District was recently suspended. And now, the Post reports, his business partner physically assaulted him. Yair Levy, Swig's partner at the Sheffield57 and the failed Amsterdam Avenue additions, was arrested last week for an incident that took place at Swig's Park Avenue office back in September.

According to sources, the two got into a heated argument over the Amsterdam Avenue project, which ended with Levy allegedly picking up a metal ice bucket and striking Swig on his right shoulder and right hand, areas where he had recently had surgery, according to police. Levy was eventually restrained by others in the room, according to a Swig spokesman. He was arrested last Friday and charged with misdemeanor assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Levy will be back in court in December. It's not clear what the state of the two's business partnership is, but, uh, let's just say that relations are "chilly."
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