Oregon Bike Trails: Just in Time for Summer

Who: Oregon Bike Trails is a project by Zach Yudin. For more information on Yudin, check out the interview he did with trusted taste maker You Ain’t No Picasso.

What: The sound of Oregon Bike Trails is perfect for the impending summer. It is whimsical pop music that recalls some tasty 60s beach tunes, but it can be lumped with contemporaries like Vampire Weekend, Best Coast, Cults and new boys to the bunch, Dirty Gold.

When: While there are currently no plans to come out East, Yudin is hoping to sort out a home for his music. Once a label is in place, it may be easier for him to come to New York for some shows, but we are an impatient lot and hope he doesn’t keep us waiting too long.

Where: Yudin currently lives in Santa Monica, Calif. and is in the process of putting a live band together that will compliment the washed out sound of his compositions.

Why: One listen to the track “High School Lover” will alleviate any questions as to why you should fall in love with Oregon Bike Trails and if you want to get nostalgic take a few minutes and watch the video.

Check out “High School Lover” and a couple more of Oregon Bike Trails songs via Bandcamp.

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