Katie Costello Would Like Pants Made of Gold

To describe the sound of indie up-and-comer Katie Costello, you could call on KCRW's Nic Harcourt, who cottoned to her immediately and put her music in heavy rotation on Morning Becomes Eclectic. You could mention her tunes pop up on musically fertile shows like ABC's "Private Practice."

And you could redirect to a tweet from soundalike Ingrid Michaelson: "if you are looking for a cute blonde babe to soothe you with her maple syrup voice look no further than @katiemusic. new album rox."

Costello wrote most of the skillfully crafted songs on her new album, Lamplight, in high school. The California native and adopted Brooklynite, who plays Rockwood Music Hall on Friday, got cozy with our Q questionnaire.

Name: Katherine "Katie" Costello
Age: 20
Lives in: Brooklyn
Occupation: Song Doodler/Music Farmer
What's on these days?
Just released my second full-length album, Lamplight, and I am now touring it around the East Coast and beyond.
First real job?
I have never been paid for any manual labor and/or meaningful services.
First record you ever bought?
The first two records I ever owned were Green Day's Kerplunk, and Disney Princess: The Ultimate Song Collection.
Where do you go to unplug?
I like to aimlessly and mindlessly walk around Brooklyn, which I find very meditative and relaxing. I also unplug when I sit down at the piano, which takes me to a very peaceful and strange place. OR I like to watch awful television.
Your first NYC gig: Discuss.
It was at the Bitter End. I remember playing their grand piano and wearing red lipstick that smudged all over my face.  
Top three songs in your iPod rotation?
"You Are the Blood," Sufjan Stevens
"Morning," Lucy Schwartz
"It'll All Work Out," Blake Mills  

What do you splurge on?
Food and treats, particularly cupcakes.
To when do you point your time machine?
1890s! Turn of the century culture, philosophy, and fashion fascinate me. [It] sparked the cultural burst of the 1920s and 1930s… I love those decades as well.
Best meal you’ve ever had in NYC?
Thistle Hill Tavern (Park Slope). Their cheeseburgers are out of this world!
What’s your drink?
Extraordinarily dirty gin martini.
First childhood memory?
When I was little, I used to make my turtles race each other. I remember that very vividly.
What’s your pre-show ritual?
I do some yoga stretches and insult the people around me. I actually only do the first part of what I said.
Do you Google yourself?
Only when I'm intoxicated.
Most treasured possession?
I carry around a notebook at all times, where I write all thoughts, emotions, observations, songs, draw pictures and record everything else that is in my brain… it's awesome and rewarding to revisit current or past versions of myself.
Fill in the blank: In a previous life, I was ______.
...a tree.
Your favorite thing about yourself?  
My self-loathing! I like my sarcasm, although it can ultimately be disastrous. 
Who are your heroes?
[X vocalist] Exene Cervenka, John Lennon, J.D. Salinger.
What scares you?
Ghosts. I am simultaneously intrigued and aroused by them.
Fill in the blank: I’ll know I’ve really made it when __________________.
...my pants are made of gold.
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Katie Costello will unfortunately not return as a ghost, as she has no unfinished business.

Katie Costello plays Rockwood Music Hall (196 Allen Street; 212-477-4155) on Friday April 15 at 9 p.m. No cover.


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