JWoww Fails to Wow at Skin Cream Shill-Fest on the UES

It felt like a budget Proactiv infomercial last night as JWoww of "Jersey Shore" fame joined Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg at UES eatery Nino’s 208 to hawk the cosmetic surgeon’s new line of skin products. Named "Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar," the cream aims to patch up any unwanted blemishes, naturally.

"I'm 25 and (the cream) has set years back on my skin after the damage it has incurred from the sun and tanning beds," the feisty self-proclaimed "guidette" robotically read from a prepared statement (proving that reality television is truly this artist's medium). "And I'm just here to lend my support."

Her brief statement was applauded by the frantic camera clicks of a handful of paparazzi on hand. The rest of the small crowd seemed content to talk loudly by the bar, practically ignoring the pimple-centric proceedings.

And then, as quickly as she became a reality TV star, JWoww was gone, whisked out of the restaurant by her small entourage, anti-aging doctor and publicist, who had this to say to reporters and bloggers seeking quick interviews: "JWoww ain't doing nothing." Hey, you said it, sir, not us.

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