Johnny Weir: I Have “Lots of Dirt” Left to Tell

Olympic skater Johnny Weir isn't done telling his story.

When promoting his new memoir, "Welcome To My World," at a signing at Borders and a book release party at club 230 Fifth, the "Skating With the Stars" judge said the writing process was "hard" at times-- particularly because he had to be careful not to include things that may offend others.

“There was a lot in the book that I had to take out…because of people that would sue me and stuff like that,” he said. “If I have the opportunity to write a second book, there will be completely new stories that nobody’s heard yet. There’s lots of dirt that I wanted to tell that I wasn’t able to because I’m still too close to the skating world.”

He was, however, able to dish plenty about his personal life. Most of the press coverage on the tome so far has focused on the details Weir reveals about his sexuality.

“I couldn’t write a memoir without talking about my sexual past and my relationships past,” he explained. “A big part of what shapes me and makes me strong is my relationships with people, and one of the most important ones was my boyfriend of three-and-a-half years. I had to tell that story because at that time in my life, it was very important.”

It's the first time Weir has publically said he was gay, but Weir insists that it’s wrong to describe his book as his “coming out.”

“I was never in,” he said.

The figure skating star has had a very busy week. Shortly before his memoir release party, Weir skated a routine choreographed to his new single, “Dirty Love,” Monday morning on The Today Show. Through it all, cameras have been rolling: he’s currently filming the new season of his reality show, "Be Good Johnny Weir."

“It’s so surreal,” Weir said. “I have a song that I can skate to, I have a book that I can read, I have a television program that I can watch. It’s really, really crazy.”

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