John Galliano's Snowy Show in Paris

Designer John Galliano's always been theatrical—from his Johnny-Depp-in-The-Pirates-of-the-Carribbean guyliner and elaborately staged couture shows—but his recent show this week in Paris caused something of a stir for other reasons.

Apparently it was freezing cold (there was no heating), and as a chill crept through the room, actual snow fell. Now, this was in some ways a brilliant work of performance art, but then there were apparently those among the crowd who collapsed into coughing fits. Oh, and there were also apparently a horde of photographers that flat-out "stormed the gates" after Galliano had left them waiting outside for hours.

Theatricality and overall unease aside, however, most folks seemed to have been left with the opinion that the show overall was more gorgeous that dramatic. As shimmering snow fell amid the crowd, an amazingly whimsical mix of gauzy dresses, glittering models, and sky-high platforms stalked the runway. Studio exec Harvey Weinstein apparently gushed: "It was fantastic, theatrical, brilliant."

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