JF & Son Opening Tomorrow

Coveted corner retail spots in Nolita seem to be finding worthy tenants lately- Vince taking over the Mott and Prince corner earlier this summer and now JF & Son acquiring a rather stellar piece of property on Kenmare and Elizabeth. 
We were taken aback by the size of the shop, not huge by any means, but in a neighborhood notorious for teeny, tiny boutiques, we're pretty excited about the fact that they've scored such a decently sized spot, especially considering their rather new place in the NY designer scene. 
Owners Jesse Finkelstein and Katie King developed the line with a timely mission "creating forward-thinking clothing through socially conscious strategies" as described on their site.  Ignited by a "fanatical obsession with textiles" JF & Son operates a studio out of New Delhi, India, where artisans apply traditional techniques to develop textiles which are then shipped over to NY and rendered into their vintage inspired collection that includes pieces like denim vests, patchwork mini skirts and printed tea dresses. 
From what we spied inside yesterday, the goods seem pretty much like the kind of stuff we want to be wearing right now.

JF & Son opens tomorrow on Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets in Nolita

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