JetBlue Launches Terminal 5 with Muji, Rockettes, and Orange-Cream Vodka Drinks

The party yesterday afternoon celebrating JetBlue's new Terminal 5 was easily the weirdest event we've ever attended. For one thing, it was really for the employees of JetBlue, meaning we were basically crashing an office party. Also, and maybe more significantly, it was in an airport terminal. And then there were the assorted Rockettes in Christmas outfits milling about.

The Rockettes were there to assist with the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which didn't mean too much officially—the terminal doesn't open to the public until October 1—but did mark the beginning of four hours of wacky airline-themed events fueled by T5tinis made of vodka and orange-cream soda. The food concessions were handing out free samples, and we hoped Muji might do the same, but their stand was mostly for display. They did confirm that Muji will be opening a store on 19th Street in time for the holidays, though, which was even better than a free low-profile notebook or set of New York City toys.

Much as we love Muji, their little storefront couldn't compete in cuteness with the fashion show featuring vintage stewardess outfits modeled by the women who'd worn them in the '60s. Few things are more fun to look at than mod stewardess uniforms, which tend to be either super-covetable (check out the polka-dot mini, above) or super-hilarious (one dress looked like it was made out of tinfoil) or both (we know they're not remotely fashionable, but we'll never get over our love of white go-go boots.) And the white-haired models, some in suits they actually wore to work forty years ago, were pretty adorable themselves.
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