Jessica Simpson Rules Macy's Windows for Fall

Macy's has dedicated the windows of its flagship store to Jessica Simpson's fall clothing collection, featuring an energetic posse of dancing mannequins before a back splash featuring Jessica in all her sassy glory.  Overall, the 34th Street flaship store diorama allows her to do what she does best: gain maximum exposure and charm the pants off everyone in America.

The way we see it, there's no better spot for Jessica Simpson than the nationwide hub of window shopping and milling about by folks from just about every state in the country, also known as Macy's Herald Square.  Although as locals we generally try to avoid that strip of sidewalk, we are intrigued by Simpson's clothing designs.  If they're anything like her shoes, we'll continue to be impressed.

The fall clothing line is being revealed on the eve of Simpson's return to reality television, the launch of her newest fragrance and a line of plus-size lingerie.  Gosh, if we were doing all that we'd definitely be too exhausted to brave the crowds in Herald Square.

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