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Rams owner Stan Kroenke is looking to move the team to Inglewood, CA

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appears ready to throw his support behind Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke’s plan to move the team back to Inglewood, CA.

The potential move is on a lot of folks’ minds this week, as the Rams traveled to Oxnard, CA--just about an hour outside of Los Angeles--to participate in a couple days of joint practices with the Cowboys. Whether the Cowboys had the move in mind when they scheduled the joint workouts, we don’t know, but Rams fans in Southern California showed up in droves on Monday.

"Since I was born in Inglewood, since I'm a favorite son of El Segundo--and if you go down through there you can probably find 15 or 20 relatives of some distance back--so I've got a lot of background in California. I'm a real fan of Stan Kroenke," Jones said, per NFL.com. "I'm really a fan of Los Angeles and having the NFL have a major posture relative to the sports scene in Los Angeles.

"Stan is outstanding. He's been outstanding in the NFL and he's the kind of people you want to be with."

At points during Monday’s workout, chants of “L.A. Rams” could be heard loud and clear.

"The main thing is Los Angeles needs the very best, the very best we can put in Los Angeles, so that's the big issue," Jones said.

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