Jack Bauer Moves to New York

Sure, with Monday night's ridiculous episode, 24 blasted itself ten miles over the shark on an exploding missile. Even so, we couldn't possibly be more excited for next season. Lovable Bollywood blowhard Anil Kapoor has already signed on to play a blundering (we assume) Middle Eastern leader who comes to the U.S. on a peacekeeping mission. Now, EW reports that, instead of Los Angeles or Washington, Day Eight will be set in New York. Of course the show won't actually be filmed in our city (sorry to get your hopes up, collapsing New York economy!), but instead on a soundstage in Los Angeles. But it will incorporate footage of real Manhattan landmarks, presumably ones Anil Kapoor accidentally blows up when he inadvertently triggers a hilarious nuclear attack.

Exclusive: '24' moving to New York! [EW]
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