Ivana Trump Does NOT Fly Coach. Not If She Can Whine Her Way Out of It

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Former Interview mag owner Sandy Brant is recovering from a spinal injury she got while boogie-boarding. Donald Trump's nephew has a satirical book about Palm Beach coming out. Ivana Trump got stuck flying coach and bitched about the nearby annoying children until a first-class passenger switched seats with her. Matthew Broderick ate chicken satay and giggled with Marci Klein, Calvin's daughter, at Catch-22. Leo DiCaprio and Joey Fatone scoped hot babes at the Plaza coming in and out of a beauty awards thing.

Julia Stiles will do David Mamet's sexual-harassment play Oleanna on Broadway (and the ever-stranger Cindy Adams spells theater thittir and gets her thumb sucked by a huge walrus named Nuka at the New York Aquarium. Cindy?) Liz Smith gloats that Frank Bruni's bad Times review of power-eatery Michael's has made it more popular. Bette Midler mocks Madonna, complete with fake British accent, in a new viral video.

Gwyneth Paltrow said on Oprah that lots of cardio and Madonna helped her overcome post-partum depression. Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge hugged Christina Applegate onstage at a breast-cancer benefit that raised $100 million. Couple Keanu Reeves and Parker Posey (Really? We didn't know that! We are so behind!) bought $1,000 worth of stuff for other people's babies in L.A. Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart gave 14-karat gold vibrators to the lucky women of The View. Heidi Klum had a waxing named for Howie Mandel, her Emmy co-host. (That's a hell of an image.)

Giorgio Armani told PETA he wouldn't use fur anymore and then went ahead and did so. Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen's ex, was telling people that her E! show will be renewed, but sources say she's sadly mistaken. The Insider host Pat O'Brien was fired after sending out a big e-mail bragging and hating on the show's other segments. It's Paris Hilton's own fault that coyotes ate two of her chihuahuas because she lets her dogs stray from the house. And Elizabeth Edwards compared being cheated on to losing a leg, in a way that sounds like she's not over it.

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