It's Not Too Late to Find a Great Halloween Costume!

First: Have you heard about this new Vampire Freaks store that opened on Avenue A? We did some investigating and it comes with a pretty amazing web site that acts as a membership-cum-social networking spot for folks interested in all things "Industrial Gothic." We know there's a lot of vampire love going around with True Blood, and we think this would be an excellent first stop for anyone looking to be a blood-sucker on Friday. Actually, the first stop might actually be this awesome Vampire Name Generator.

Second: Have you picked up your costume yet? This is why we love area stalwart Ricky's. It seems to be on almost every corner and, despite the fact that it's probably unbearably crowded, the folks at check-out manage to keep a stiff upper lip and are extremely helpful, especially with the trickier stuff like wigs and makeup. And a bunch of their new costumes for 2008 seem to have a common element:

1. Miss Alaska: Look familiar? Nice bikini!
2. Sexy Trapper: ... named Palin? Curious!
2. Sexy Hunter: ... also named Palin? Ha!

Oh, Ricky's. You really do know how to sell those costumes.

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